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osu! のランキング システム ppv2 と、その競争プレイとマッピングへの影響についてのディスカッション。 GrandSenpai提供のリプレイが再び。 彼に感謝するか、何か。 参考文献:pp wiki記事:osu! パフォーマンス Github リポジトリ: osu で PP システムはどうですか! -GN の FC がオンになっているのを見る [Notch Hell] (Circle People): おっぱい難易度と pp 計算機: マップ: ClariS – ひとりごと -TV MIX- (ドアマット) 花坂結衣 (CV: MAO) – 春街クローバー (かれん) KikuoHana – のぼれ! すすめ! 高井塔 (カレン) 小宮真央 – (できますか) 私を理解できますか? (Sotarks) RADWIMPS – ぜんぜんぜんせ (movie ver.) (Monstrata) どちらの差分が好きか選んでください。 Halozy – 鬼黒同国地獄楽 (Hollow Wings) 青島モカ (CV: 三森すずこ) – 希望リフレイン (ソタークス) The Quick Brown Fox – The Big Black (Blue Dragon) Renard – Banned Forever (Blue Dragon) NOMA – Brain Power (Monstrata) Elmo and Cookie Monster – Cookie-Butter-Choco-Cookie (Monstrata) ClariS – SHIORI vs. Hitorigoto (Sotarks) Tanaka Hirokazu – C-TYPE (MBmasher) DJ S3RL – TT-Techno (feat. Jesskah) (nold_1702) スキン:

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osu! | What's up with pp maps? (ppv2 Part 1)
osu! | What's up with pp maps? (ppv2 Part 1)

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osu! | What's up with pp maps? (ppv2 Part 1)。

参考 文献 pp。

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26 thoughts on “osu! | What's up with pp maps? (ppv2 Part 1) | 最も完全な参考 文献 ppドキュメントの概要

  1. The 19th Fighter says:

    Optimally, a map would need to give more pp, if it included a decent amount of jump as well stream sections.

  2. The 19th Fighter says:

    5:57 The question is most likely still biased towards jumps being easier, because it's the current (and past) meta.
    Many people just aren't good at streams and low AR because there are nearly no 4* maps that require these "techniques" (4.5* being what the majority of players probably know).
    I noticed that with certain maps on online, I totally outrank people online that are 100k better than me (I'm 285k), because they can't read AR8 at all, nor can they burst stream.
    Qualities that are usually not asked for.
    These people want to skip those maps, because they can't play that, but that's the one thing that I'm standing out comparatively,
    because I played a lot of garbage maps back then and I do not enjoy jumps.
    My aiming absolutely sucks, my reading is decent and I can somewhat stream, as long as it's not for too long.
    And you can see that in my top plays. Only maps with some burst streams are my highest maps.
    Despite me being proud on having passed "Mermaid Girl" on Another with Full Combo, which contains super annoying aim and jumps,
    what actually is my highest is stuff like "Ghostly Parapara Ship", because it contains easy (but many) streams.
    I also passed "Hitorigoto" (shown at 7:07) on the highest diff with A (and 6 misses). But that doesn't even show up, because apparently "no FC" is worth nothing.
    People just got so insanely good at aiming because of farm maps that exist.
    It's not that stream burst maps could not be farmable to certain people, it's that stream bursts maps are generally in less demand and as you've shown even discouraged.
    It's a chicken-or-the-egg problem.
    The stream maps aren't harder, it's just the majority of people that are currently playing are incapable of playing stream maps.
    You're devaluating their skill at aiming/jumping, because that's just what everybody's used to. Doesn't mean if the meta was stream maps, that these people wouldn't get the same reward (maybe even higher) for the same amount of effort put into it.

    7:24 That's the fun thing, these short jump intense maps are HARDER to me, than many "stream" maps of the same star count.
    8:02 These are the kind of maps that I bashed my head against. Banned forever is my third most played map and "Hitorigoto" my fifth most played map.

  3. Gabriel Venturini says:

    Your video helped me a lot to understand why people love easy and boring maps that gives more PP then the funny and hardest maps thx

  4. eon star says:

    As someone who barely understands the PP system, I really do just play for fun >.>. I just try to get as many maps as high as I can get them (Like S, A B etc).

  5. Lasr Animations says:

    What I say: I don't farm pp, I play osu for fun
    What I really mean: I'm not good enough at osu yet to even pass pp farm maps

  6. YepCock says:

    Long sliders should be giving more pp based on their angle complexity, speed and length, this can also be abused but it allows for more flexibility while making a “pp farm” map

  7. DEV™️ says:

    I'm six diget but i can do some five stars and some are rank 100000 lower than me but i can beat them on online multiplayer i only do pp maps if want but i don't farm


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